HWR 50th Reunion

50th Anniversary...or is it?

The Department of Hydrology and Water Resources celebrated 50 years—actually more than 50 years—of education and research in hydrology and water resources in 2016. The department had its origins in the Department of Geology while Dr. John Harshbarger was department head. Students earned degrees in hydrology and water resources as early as 1962 before the department was a stand-alone entity. The area of specialization within geology became so popular that a new degree program was created, the first of its kind in the nation devoted solely to the science of water. 

Find out who plans to attend and who cannot.

Day 1:  Thursday, March 31st
Field Trips ~ 9 to 3 
  Biosphere 2 - approx. $40
  Kartchner Caverns - approx. $50
  Wetlands & WEST Ctr -  approx. $30
Sports Activities ~ 9 to 3
  Cycling - $ Contact Host
  Golf at La Paloma - $ Contact Host
Social - Meet Up @ Reilly's ~ 5:30 pm
  Pub Celebration - $ No-Host Bar
  Reilly's Craft Pizza (approx. $25+ per
  person, individual tabs, no group pmt)
Day 2:  Friday, April 1st
Students-Alumni Activity ~ 8 to 5 
  Student Symposium & Lunch - $35
  Student Union Grand Ballroom
Informal Social Activities ~ 9 to 3
  Strictly Social @Old Main - No Charge
Evening Reception ~ 5:30, Dinner ~ 7 pm
  Cocktail Reception at Old Main
  Gala Dinner at Student Union - $50
Day 3:  Saturday, April 2nd
HWR-NGWA Conference ~ 8 to 5
  Symposium & Lunch - $50
  Arizona Historical Society
Informal Social Activities ~ 9 to 4
  Strictly Social, Old Main - No Charge
Evening Reception ~ 5, Dinner ~ 5:45 pm
Cocktail Reception & Closing Dinner - $50
Arizona Historical Society

Day 1 - March 31, 2016

For Day 1, during the day you'll have time for one activity--a field trip, a sporting event, or any informal activity on your own--plus the evening pub celebration. 

NOTE:  There is no open house "social" at Old Main on Thursday.  This is a day for field trips, sports, informal self-organized activities, or simply catching your breath.

Field Trips

The times for all field trips are approximately 9 am to 3 pm, although departure and return times vary somewhat. You'll have to choose just one!

  • Biosphere 2
  • Kartchner Caverns
  • Tucson Water Avra Valley Recharge Project, Sweetwater Wetlands, Pima County Agua Nueva, and the WEST Center

Hosted Sports Activities

Plan on doing one sports event for the day, although the start/end times may vary for each activity.  You'll have to choose just one!

  • Cycling with TriSports
  • Golf at La Paloma

Informal, Self-Organized Activities

It's also a day for on-your-own-free-time!  If a field trip or sports activity isn't appealing, just check in to your hotel, catch your breath, grab your hat and water bottle, and visit a few of your favorite places in Tucson.

Thursday Evening Celebration

  • Evening Pub Celebration at Reilly's Craft Pizza in Downtown Tucson

Day 2 - April 1, 2016

For Day 2, you'll have time to attend the all-day student conference (includes lunch), the cocktail reception, and the dinner, OR you can enjoy completely unstructured time on your own during the day and attend just the cocktail reception and dinner in the evening.

  • El Día del Agua y La Atmósfera, Student Research Symposium and Luncheon
    • El Día del Agua y La Atmósfera  Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Ty Ferré, 2016 NGWA Darcy Lecture
  • Strictly Social at Old Main, Silver and Sage Room (9am-3pm Friday)
  • Cocktail Reception at Old Main, Silver and Sage Room and Veranda
  • Gala Dinner Celebration Celebrating 50 Years of Water Science, Student Union Memorial Center Grand Ballroom. We'll be celebrating YOU and the first 50 years of Hydrology and Water Resources. If you can attend only one event for the reunion, this has to be it! Our program will include:
    • Speakers reminiscing about the founding of the department by John Harshbarger and the Survey men, including John Ferris, Nicholas Matalas, and Herbert Skibitzke
      • Nick and Stella Matalas'  visit is being hosted by the USGS-Tucson office, and they will be Guests of Honor!
    • Rick Bond will take a comic but affectionate look back at the department's earliest historical characters (to be named)
    • Speakers will recognize inaugural faculty members Eugene Simpson, Daniel Evans, Chester Kisiel, Sol Resnick and others
    • Speakers will honor our 2015 faculty retirees Thomas Maddock III, Shlomo P. Neuman, and W.J. Jim Shuttleworth

Day 3 - April 2, 2016

For Day 3, you'll have time to attend the all-day conference, cocktail reception, and dinner, or you can enjoy completely unstructured time on your own during the day and attend just the cocktail reception and dinner in the evening.

  • HWR-NGWA Symposium, Hydrology: The Next 50 Years, at the Arizona Historical Society
  • Strictly Social at Old Main, Silver and Sage Room (9am-4pm Saturday)
  • Cocktail Reception and Museum Touring, Arizona Historical Society
  • Closing Dinner at Arizona Historical Society

Local Meet-ups

(NOTE: Following information is no longer active. Kept for reference only.)

Local meet-ups for the reunion, business networking, and just plain fun are happening in a city or region near you. Please contact the individual in your area to learn more. If you'd like to organize a meet up in your area, contact Tom Meixner at tmeixner@email.arizona.edu or 520-626-1532.