Gupta Publication Workshop

Introduction to Publishing Journal Papers
Hoshin Gupta

Past Editor of Water Resources Research (2009-2013)
Regents Professor, Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
Tucson, AZ 85721, USA
Short Workshop at the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences (HAS)

Oct 17 & Oct 24, 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm (Kisiel Room, Harshbarger 232)

Publishing well-cited papers is critical to success in the academic area. This abbreviated (four to five-hour) seminar/workshop is designed for students and young academic professionals. In it we will discuss many of the things you need to know to be successful at publishing papers in academic journals. The workshop will include a power point presentation (pdf’s to be posted in advance) and will include considerable time for discussion, so come prepared with your questions.

There are three main topics that we will cover (to the best extent possible in the available time). Of course, you may feel free to approach me after the workshop if you have further questions.

  1. Part One – The Importance of Publishing & How Journals Work (60+30 mins), we will discuss the importance of writing as a communication skill, the importance of publishing peer-reviewed papers, how journals work, ‘open access’ vs ‘reader pays’ journals, how long the review process takes, types of papers you can submit, and what various citation statistics mean and how they are measured (impact factor, H-Index etc).
  2. Part Two – Writing Papers (60+30 mins). In this section, we will discuss what constitutes a “high-quality” paper, how to be successful at writing good papers, writing style, how long it takes, and the expected timeline for writing (how to plan your time).
  3. Part Three – Getting Published (60+30 mins). In this section, we will discuss how to get published, including how the review process is structured, acceptance/success rates, expectations of journal editors and reviewers (and how to interact with them), how to get through the peer-review process. We will also discuss how to review papers yourself, issues of plagiarism, issues of co-authorship, and much more.

About the Instructor: Hoshin Gupta is a Professor of Systems Analysis in the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, and a Regents Professor of the University of Arizona. He is the author of more than 170 peer-reviewed papers in professional journals, including several that are highly cited. Further, Hoshin is past Editor of Water Resources Research (the leading water related journal) and served on the committee to select the current Editor-in-Chief (2017-2021), and so has considerable practical knowledge of the scientific publishing process.