Groundwater Education and Research Facility

You may have seen this sign at the West Campus Agricultural Center.
More detailed information about the site and its use is provided below.
Credit for Sign Design/Content: Chloe Fandel


The Groundwater Education and Research Facility site has been used by UArizona since 1969, originally managed by the Water Resources Research Center (1969-??) and currently by the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences. 

In the early years, the concept of artificially recharging groundwater was actively studied by UArizona scientists, such as L.G. "Gray" Wilson and (Sol Resnick? others?). The research they conducted provided the scientific proof that recharging Colorado River water delivered by the Central Arizona Project was both a feasible and a practical method for solving some of Tucson's groundwater problems, such as groundwater depletion and land subsidence.

Current Use

The pioneering work done by Wilson and others have helped us learn how to artificially recharge water into groundwater aquifers, a practice now used by the City of Tucson/Tucson Water and others worldwide. Today, undergraduate and graduate students from UArizona's Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences learn .....

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