Form: Travel Tips

This page is being archived and is no longer being updated. Go to the Employee Resources page for up-to-date information.

At least 30 days in advance of International Travel, you must read and follow instructions on the Travel Authorization Request form in order to register your travel. A link to register international travel is provided in the Travel Form.

Airport Discount Parking Program

  • All UA employees are eligible for a UA Fastpark Discount Rewards Card at Fastpark Tucson Airport

Export Control Basics Tutorial

  • A basic powerpoint tutorial to help you understand the regulations, terms, responsibilities, and civil and criminal liabilities related to Export Control while traveling abroad

Export Control Review Checklist for Negotiators

  • A checklist for Negotiators  NOTE: Form should be completed and kept in file even if all the answers are "no."

Export Control Rewiew Chekclist for Proposal Specialists

  • A checklist for Proposal Specialists  NOTE: Form should be completed and kept in file even if all the answers are "no."

International Travel Checklist

  • Checklist tool for faculty and staff to evaluate possible export control issues when traveling internationally

Meals and Lodging Cost Index (see also Per Diem Policy and Procedures below)

  • Index of Per Diem rates for State of Arizona, the Contiguous U.S., Outside the Contiguous U.S. (Alaska, Hawaii, etc.), Countries Outside the U.S., and breakdown of daily meal allowance

Per Diem Policy and Procedures

  • Explanation of Per Diem policy and procedures plus links to UA guidelines and rates

Reimbursement Meals Food and Alcohol Calculator

  • Excel spreadsheet to request reimbursement for meals

Travel Authorization Form

  • Form and number automatically generated (UA eForms select T for "Travel Authorization Form")
    • Use a new form for EACH request (UA requirement)

Traveling on University Business Portal

  • UA Financial Services Office portal with policies, procedures, FAQs, and travel resources