Form: Positive Time Reporters

Hourly Employees, also known as non-exempt* employees, are considered Positive Time Reporters. In order to receive a paycheck, employees in this category must use the UAccess system to record the number of hours worked for every pay period and submit that record of hours (Timesheet) for supervisor approval.

Examples of employees in this category include:

  • Undergraduate and graduate hourly (student wage) employees
  • Any other non-student staff member not employed in a classified staff or appointed personnel position
  • During Summer Session -- All Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty members
  • During Summer Session -- All Graduate Assisants-Associates in research, teaching, or unspecified (graduate student RAs, TAs)

If you do not know if you are included in this category, contact staff in the main office (Harshbarger 122) for instructions.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for completing your Timesheet according to the instructions below.

Staff and time permitting, you may receive a complimentary email reminder to complete your Timesheet, although this cannot be guaranteed.

If necessary, mark your calendar or set a reminder for yourself, so you do not miss the deadline.

If you are a Positive Time Reporter, you must:

  • Keep a record of the hours worked for every two-week pay period
  • Use the UAccess system to report the hours you have worked or will work during the two-week pay period
  • Logon to UAccess Employee at:
  • Enter hours worked by 12:00 noon on Wednesday of the NON-PAYROLL (NON-PAYDAY) WEEK
  • After you enter the number of hours worked for the entire pay period, click on the Submit button
    • Your hours cannot be approved by your Supervisor unless you click on the Submit button
  • If you do not submit hours worked by the deadline, you risk not receiving a paycheck the following week
    • Off-cycle requests for payroll checks cannot be processed by the central administration
  • The reporting deadline of Wednesday 12:00 noon is required because your Supervisor must approve the hours you have worked before your check can be processed by the department business office and the University Payroll office
  • Late submission will result in a delay in receiving a paycheck. This means that hours reported after the deadline will be processed during the next available reporting period.

*Non-exempt employees are hourly employees who are eligible to earn overtime.  Eligibility is determined by the conditions of hire.  You may discuss this with your Supervisor.