Form: PerDiem

Per Diem Policy and Procedures

  • For any travel being paid through any HAS account, travel status will begin and end two hours before and after a flight takes off and arrives
  • If traveling by UA or personal vehicle, traveler must provide the business office with departure and arrival times so that travel status can be officially established
  • Per Diem may be approved at the discretion of the PI providing funds for the traveler
  • The PI may reduce Per Diem for the traveler
  • The PI may choose to not approve Per Diem for the traveler
  • The PI may not increase the Per Diem above that already established for employees at the University of Arizona (see Meals and Lodging Index)
  • Per Diem includes two distinct categories:  (1) Meals and (2) Lodging

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The University of Arizona Accounts Payable Travel Office allows departments to determine when a UA traveler is on travel status (see Travel Policy and Procedures)