HASSA Combo Workshop: Resumes and Posters

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 5:30pm

Combo workshop for resumes and poster presentations* (last chance before El Día). Let HASSA know if you are coming by signing up at the Doodle Poll!

Please, please bring your laptop!

*Resumes -- Do you think you'll need to find a job sometime? If so, this resume workshop is tailored for you! This session will focus on revamping your resume to catch the eye of recruiters and future employers, job posting tailoring techniques, and formatting recommendations! You will get hands-on assistance and feedback. Please bring your laptop!

*Poster Workshop -- Are you presenting at El Día this year? If so, this poster workshop is tailored for you! This session will be focused on designing your own poster, with assistance and feedback from former El Día poster awardees! Please bring your laptop!


JW Harshbarger Room 232 - Kisiel Conference Room