HASSA Camping Trip

Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 8:00am

HASSA Camping Trip - Two-day camping trip Saturday and Sunday - (Updated 10/9) Meet at 8 am in front of Harshbarger and head out to the campground from there, either Bonita Canyon Campground near Chiricahua National Monument (if another campsite opens up) or Parker Canyon Lake (which HASSA did last year). Both are fun options: Chiricahua means hoodoos, Parker Canyon Lake means water. We will return on Sunday at whatever times are convenient for everyone (different cars can leave at different times).

Cost for HASSA members is $5 which will cover the cost of the campsite fee plus we will provide dinner Saturday night. Price for non-members will be $10 (i.e. you should consider becoming a member if you're not already). 

Interested in attending? Respond to the doodle poll and follow this format:  "Name," number of people including you (e.g. put 2 for yourself and your companion), and "Y" or "N" if you plan to drive or not drive, respectively. Doodle Poll here: https://doodle.com/poll/e8zce4tps8n85rkn