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Rubrics are intended to give meaningful feedback to students on their talks/presentations and design. Their use actively supports our ongoing assessment of student learning and program outcomes, a vital and important part of our academic mission. Forms for your use are provided below. Please note these 3 important rules:

  • Students should not be awarded a score of Less Than 2 (<2) unless they are completely unprepared.
    • Research that is ongoing (not completed) is NOT a reason to give a score of <2.
  • The rubric is a checklist of criteria at different levels of performance for specific categories.
    • Note: Students may hit criteria under a multitude of levels for one category, e.g. demonstrating criteria under both advanced and proficient levels for the category "Scientific Merit and Content of Presentation."
  • For each category, you will average the student's score. Then, to determine the student's overall average score, you will average each section at the bottom of the rubric.

Oral Presentation Rubric -  PDF Format (Revised 02.24.2020)

Poster Presentation RubricPDF Format (Revised 02.24.2020)

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