BAS in Meteorology Admission

Step 1: Apply for Admission

Eligibility Criteria: To view Admissions dates and deadlines and to apply, visit Applicants to this program must hold a AAS degree from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) with a concentration in weather. Proficiency in mathematics through pre-calculus is required. Completion of Calculus I is not required prior to being accepted for admission, but is preferred. NOTE: Please know that if you apply and are accepted to UA, then choose not to attend classes that term, you must contact the Office of Admissions to delay your admission, or you will need to reapply for admission when you are ready to attend.

Step 2: Congratulations on Admission! Now what?

Once you are admitted, you will work with your Student Academic Success Specialist (SASS) for the College of Science to get started. Your SASS will help orient you to the University and the online systems you will use, evaluate your transfer credits and apply them to your BAS program requirements, and help you select classes for enrollment. Tuition Assistance: If you need a degree plan for tuition assistance, you must notify your SASS as soon as possible. Transfer evaluations and pre-approvals can take a few weeks to process. For program advising, please contact: Jill Hewins Student Academic Success Specialist; UA Online, College of Science Phone: (520) 621-1316, Email:

Step 3: Contact an Advisor

Jill Hewins Student Academic Success Specialist; UA Online, College of Science Phone: (520) 621-1316, Email:

Step 4: Which classes do you take?

As mentioned previously, you will work with your SASS to choose appropriate classes. She will use a checklist of required courses for the BAS program, along with the Academic Advisement Report or Academic Requirement Report found in your UAccess Student Center to keep track of how your transfer classes apply to the degree and what classes are left to complete it. Any questions about the application of transfer work to your degree requirements must be directed to your SASS. Please note: It is mandatory that a minimum of 3 units be completed for each course taken in Math and Physics and at the appropriate level. Because these courses will be completed outside UA, it is possible that some courses will be more than 3 units.

Step 5: Enrolling for Classes

Starting in Fall 2015, classes taken at the University of Arizona will be taken through the UA Online campus (and/or online or from other institutions for transfer). Your SASS will instruct you on how to enroll.

Step 6: Meet with your Advisor Regularly

We encourage you to have frequent contact with the Student Academic Success Specialist in order to stay on track toward completing the degree. She can assist with suggested course sequencing and any resources necessary for your success. As an online student, the University of Arizona recognizes the need for more regular contact with an advisor.

Step 7: Enroll Each Term

If you need to take a break from classes, please inform your SASS who can assist you with the process and policy concerning your anticipated leave period. See

Step 8: Graduate!

During your second to last semester of anticipated graduation, you must apply for graduation through UAccess. Questions about this process should be directed to your SASS.