Thomas Meixner Lead Author in Report on "How Climate Change Will Affect Western Groundwater"

Photo Tom Meixner
Monday, February 15, 2016

Thomas Meixner, professor and associate department head, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, is the lead author on a paper outlining How climate change will affect western water, recently featured at the online site Christopher Castro, associate professor, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, and 15 other experts in climate change and in hydrology co-authored the report.

By 2050, climate change will increase the groundwater deficit even more for four economically important aquifers in the western U.S.  The publication is the first to integrate scientists' knowledge about groundwater in the U.S. west with scientific models that show how climate change will affect the region.

The paper, "Implications of projected climate change for groundwater recharge in the western United States," will be published in the Journal of Hydrology in March. An article about the publication was also featured in the UA College of Science February Newsletter.

Congratulations, Tom!