Peter Troch Awarded 2011 John Dalton Medal from the EGU

Photo Peter Troch
Wednesday, January 1, 2014

(previously published in 2011 on HWR website)

Peter A. Troch, Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources, has been named the recipient of the European Geophysical Society's 2011 John Dalton Medal for his seminal contributions to hydrology in the areas of modeling, remote sensing, and development of new ecohydrologic theories.

Through his outstanding publication record, and through participation in and leadership of several international research initiatives, Troch has become a world leader in his field. Of particular note is his pioneering work on the hillslope-storage Boussinesq model and a revitalization of Robert Horton’s 70-year old work on vegetation water use efficiency, his leadership of the CAHMDA series of workshops on data assimilation and his current leadership of the NSF Hydrologic Synthesis project.

Peter joins the ranks of hydrology luminaries and former Dalton Medalists such as Eric F. Wood, Ghislain de Marsily, Peter Eagleson, and James C.I. Dooge. This prestigious medal will be conferred at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna, Austria, in April 2011.  Congratulations, Peter!