Armin Sorooshian Featured in Arizona Public Radio Episode on Aerosols, Climate, and Health

Photo Armin Sorooshian
Monday, July 3, 2017

Armin Sorooshian, Joint Associate Professor of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences and Associate Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, was recently featured in an Arizona Public Media Radio "Arizona Science" episode: The Widespread Effects of Tiny Aerosol Particles on Climate and Health. Of all environmental threats, particles are responsible for the most deaths globally.

In his conversation with Dr. Leslie Tolbert, Regents Professor in Neuroscience, Sorooshian discussed the effect that aerosol particles have on public health. His research group is using field measurements, satellite remote-sensing data, and computer models to try and unravel the complexities associated with how particles affect the reflectivity of clouds and how and when they produce precipitation. Listen to Arizona Science Episode 86 here!