2023 EarthWeek, Transitions: Building an Informed Hope in the Face of Changing Climates

2023 EarthWeek Activities and Events Calendar
Tuesday, February 28, 2023

EarthWeek Calendar of activities and events.

Contact Abigail Kahlerat akahler@arizona.edu for details about pre-EarthWeek social activities for students: POV Photography contest, volleyball, and movie night!

EarthWeek is an annual week-long event hosted by the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES). The week will celebrate the research being done in the seven departments within SEES (SNRE, AIR, ENVS, GEOS, HAS, LTRR, SGDE) and host a variety of other events celebrating the Earth and our relationships with it.

This year's theme is Transitions: Building an Informed Hope in the Face of Changing Climates. The global language surrounding the topics of climate change is transitioning from prevention to mitigation. The effects of climate change are being felt all over the world, and as a global society we have come to understand the inevitability of the phenomenon. As a result, the political climates, social climates and economic climates are constantly changing and adapting to our reality. As scientists dedicated to studying the earth and its complexities, we have the knowledge and capabilities to help our communities build an informed hope when faced with the overwhelming stressors that are yet to come. Each event during EarthWeek will showcase discoveries, new understandings, and technologies to foster discussions of how we can mitigate the many challenges we currently and will face in the future.

Click here to view the Earthweek schedule and additional event details.

HASSA Contact for more details: Abigail Kahler at akahler@arizona.edu