Annual Betterton Welcome Party Fall 2018

(Left to right): Luise Betterton, Kathleen Meixner, Tom Meixner, Eric Betterton, Rebecca Winter, Larry Winter, Ginger Zeng, and Xubin Zeng.

The Annual Betterton Welcome Party for the Fall Semester 2018 was a smashing success! Eric and Luise Betterton hosted more than 120 faculty, staff, and new and continuing students at their home in Tucson on Saturday, August 18. The monsoon rains that threatened the event never materialized, so after an early evening swim, those new to the university got their first taste of Tucson's delicious Mexican food (pico de gallo mandatory, spicy salsa optional).

This annual event brought together everyone affiliated with the department, both old and new, in a relaxed and informal setting and gave everyone time to catch up and also meet our new student cohort--a perfect beginning for a new academic year.

Thank you again to our wonderful hosts, Eric and Luise Betterton!

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