Abstracts for Poster Presentations 2017

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Student authors presenting posters are listed alphabetically by academic level.  Co-authors, if any, are included on individual abstract pages.

Graduate Posters  top

Furrukh Bashir - Addressing "The Karakoram Anomaly" through in-situ observations and reanalysis datasets

Ravindra Dwivedi - Catchment-scale groundwater recharge and vegetation water use efficiency

Jack Reeves Eyre - Evaluation of Greenland near surface air temperature datasets

Neha Gupta - Interdisciplinary dialogue to assess coupled natural and human systems

Lejon Hamann - Temporal dynamics of source water contributions to evapotranspiration from sky island ecosystems with ephemeral snow pack: A case study using Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas Fir)

Timothy M. Lahmers - Enhancing the NOAA National Water Center WRF-Hydro model architecture to improve representation of the Midwest and Southwest CONUS climate regions

Mohammad Marza - Evaluating strontium isotopes as a tracer of fluids in subsurface reservoirs and possible brine contamination in shallow aquifers related to oil/gas production

Sujan Pal - The importance of initial size on the size and structure of tropical cyclones

Aishwarya Raman - Post-processing aerosol optical depth outputs from WRF-Chem model using MODIS satellite AOD retrievals: A demonstraction of analog based kalman filter approach

C. Bayo Risanto - Sensitivity analysis of convective clouds and precipitation to biomass burning aerosols in the Maritime Continent

Tirthankar Roy - Comparison of two bias correction schemes in the context of climate change impacts assessment in the Mara River basin

Andres R. Sanchez - Examination of the impact of wildfire on solute release in forest catchments

Wenfu Tang - Investigating combustion and emission trends in megacities through synthesis of combustion signatures using multiple datasets

Undergraduate Posters  top

Jack Anderson - Urban bioswale characterization and design evaluation

Erin Gray - Using water isotopes and SO4/Cl ratios to investigate the hydrology of wetlands in the Las Cienegas

Mekha Pereira - A study of improved quality effluent discharged from Agua Nueva Water Reclamation Facility to the Lower Santa Cruz River

Pedro Reynoso - Development and analysis of a new standard operating procedure for measuring evaporation pond leakage into observation wells of unusual geometry at TEP Sundt Generating Station

Nicole Weber - Effects of the 2013 Thompson Ridge Wildfire on La Jara Creek's discharge system through stable isotope analysis

High School Posters  top

Yuyao Catherine Hu - Rainwater harvesting plan for the Gregory School in Tucson, AZ

Amanda Minke - Proving the practical application of filtering Pb2+ using freshwater algae

Mackenzie Reagan, Lillian Smith, Nina Armstrong - Comparison of countertop hydroponic systems for small-scale food production

Tianyi Zhu - Quantifying stream channel water fluxes in the southwestern US

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