Abstracts for Oral Presentations 2017

Student authors making oral presentations are listed alphabetically.  Co-authors, if any, are listed on individual abstract pages.

Kilian Ashley - Deuterium as a quantitative tracer of enhanced microbial coalbed methane production

Furrukh Bashir - Explaining the Karakoram Anomaly

Colin Clark - Effective conductivity in highly heterogeneous composite media

Ravindra Dwivedi - Multi-tracer approach coupled with numerical models to characterize water sources and flowpaths contributing to streamflow in a high elevation mountain catchment

Chloe Fandel  *EarthWeek Plenary Session HAS Speaker* - Full STEAM ahead! Scientific illustration as an avenue for including art in STEM education

Yiyi Huang - The footprints of 16-year trends of Arctic springtime cloud and radiation properties on September sea-ice retreat

Tyler Kranz - Thunderstorm and terrain interactions over the Grand Canyon region

Tyler Rockhill - Investigating the relationship between hydrology and biogeochemistry in semi-arid urban green infrastructure

Rachel S. Tucci - Using isotopes and solute tracers to infer groundwater recharge and flow in the Cienega Creek Watershed, SE Arizona

Rodrigo Valdés-Pineda - Multi-ensemble and multi-model seasonal hydrological streamflow forecasting for the Upper Zambezi, Africa

Alissa White - Investigating hydrologic and environmental controls on uranium isotopes in a natural mountainous environment

Yu-Li Wang - Characterizing subsurface hydraulic heterogeneity of alluvial fan using riverstage fluctuations

Daile Zhang - Evaluation study of the Lightning Imaging Sensor on-board the TRMM satellite

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