2021 El Dia Abstracts

Presentation Requirements (Details Q&A) & Better Poster Template (Required Format)

Oral Presentations

Each oral presentation has one specific Q&A session on Wed or Thur (approximate start time noted next to individual's name)
See each day's Agenda for a complete schedule
The Wed Agenda includes Q&A Oral Session 1 from 12:10 to 12:50 pm & Q&A Oral Session 2 from 2:10 to 2:50 pm
The Thur Agenda includes Q&A Oral Session 3 from 12:10 to 12:50 pm & Q&A Oral Session 4 from 2:20 to 2:50 pm

Brendecke, Jordann Q&A THU 2:20 
Chang, Liling Q&A THUR 12:40
Chen, Sidian Q&A WED 2:10
De La Fuente, Luis Q&A WED 12:30
Ehsani, Reza Q&A WED 12:20
Fandel, Chloe Q&A THU 12:10
Farley, Abram Q&A WED 12:40
Fierro, Lourdes M. Q&A THU 12:30
Javadian, Mostafa Q&A WED 2:40
Kim, Jihyun Q&A THU 12:20
Marcelain, Richard Q&A THU 2:40
McGreal, Brian Q&A WED 2:30
Steyaert, Jen Q&A WED 2:20
Wang, Yuan-Heng Q&A WED 12:10
Yuan, Sunyi Q&A THU 2:30

Poster Presentations

Q&A Sessions (half on Wed, half on Thu):  Wed Poster Group begins at 1:00 pm & Thu Poster Group begins at 1:10 pm (approximate start time noted)
Links to Poster PDF images provided below
Arabzadeh, Alireza Q&A THU 1:15   ¤  See Arabzadeh Poster PDF
Cadogan, Ammon F. Q&A WED 1:25  ¤  See Cadagon Poster PDF
Ford, Matthew Q&A WED 1:10  ¤  See Ford Poster PDF
Marza, Mohammad Q&A WED 1:20  ¤  See Marza Poster PDF
Manoli, Constantinos and 7th and 8th Grade Science Classes, St. Cyril of Alexandria School, Tucson, AZ Q&A WED 2:05  ¤  See St Cyril Poster PDF
Noyes, Chandler Q&A WED 1:40  ¤  See Noyes Poster PDF
Peterson, Davian Q&A THU 1:30  ¤  See Peterson Poster PDF
Rehwoldt, Danielle Louise Q&A WED 1:35  ¤  See Rehwoldt Poster PDF
Saleem, Hassan Q&A WED 1:05  ¤  See Saleem Poster PDF
Schlottman, Jason Q&A WED 1:45  ¤  See Schlottman Poster PDF
Spinti, Rachel Q&A WED 1:15  ¤  See Spinti Poster PDF
Strongman, Kevin J. Q&A THU 1:25  ¤  See Strongman Poster PDF
Tadych, Danielle Q&A WED 2:00  ¤  See Tadych Poster PDF
Triplett, Amanda Q&A THU 1:35  ¤  See Triplett Poster PDF
Tritz, Claire Q&A THU 2:00  ¤  See Tritz Poster PDF

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