2020 Career Panel

Career Panel Event scheduled for 9:30 am - 10:30 am on Monday, April 20, 2020


Our panel will include Erin Gray, Rob Howlett, Simona Seastrand, and Rebecca Stolar. Each panel member will give a brief introduction describing their career path and what they currently do. The panel will then be open to questions from students.

Panel Members

Erin Gray is a recent graduate hydrologist at the U.S. Geological Survey’s New Mexico Water Science Center (NMWSC), where she applies mapping skills and geochemical thinking to various projects related to contaminant source tracking, groundwater resource management, and water quality investigations. Prior to working at the NMWSC, Erin worked as a hydrologic technician at Tucson Water (TW), where she started as a student intern. At Tucson Water, Erin collected groundwater data throughout the Tucson Basin and in Avra Valley to support special projects and regular permitting requirements for TW’s Water Resources Management section. Erin completed her bachelor’s and master’s in hydrology through the accelerated master’s program at the University of Arizona’s Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences.

Rob Howlett graduated from Arizona State University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology. He worked as an operational forecaster for the Bermuda Weather Service from 2014-2016. He joined the National Weather Service in Tucson in 2017.

(Simona Seastrand: photo coming soon)
Simona Seastrand, a HAS alumna, is a senior atmospheric scientist with Saildrone, a private company which designs, manufactures, and operates a global fleet of wind- and solar-powered ocean drones monitoring the state of the planet in real time. Simona completed her Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology (2008) at Northern Illinois University and a Master of Science degree in atmospheric sciences (2012) and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Climatology/Arid Lands (2015) from the University of Arizona.

Rebecca Stolar, a recent HAS alumna, grew up in Las Vegas, NV. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan in 2017 where she studied in the Program in the Environment focusing on water, health, and policy. In 2019, she received her Master of Science degree in Hydrology from the University of Arizona after completing her thesis, "Populus fremontii tree ring analysis and semi-arid river water source variability over time, San Pedro River, Arizona," under the direction of Dr. Thomas Meixner. Rebecca now works in Tucson, Arizona as a hydrogeologist at Hargis+Associates, Inc., a hydrogeology and engineering consulting firm.

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