2019 El Dia Lightning Talks

Speakers & Topics (listed alphabetically & not in order of presentation)

New for 2019, Lightning Talks will showcase student research that is in progress, as well as undergraduate senior capstone projects. This is an opportunity for students to present on interesting science-related satellite projects.

  • Each talk is limited to 4 minutes.
  • There is no Q & A during this lightning round, so we encourage the audience to attend the Post-Award Reception to ask follow up questions!
  • Lightning Talk presenters are not eligible for oral presentation awards.

Bunn, Patrick (atmospheric modeling) - Improving solar forecasts: Can gridded aerosol products help?

Cáñez, Tiffani (water resources) - Investigation of the extent of fresh and brackish groundwater to inform better management of decreasing groundwater levels in the Willcox Basin, SE Arizona

Cadogan, Ammon (water resources) - Estimating 2017 groundwater withdrawals for agricultural water use in Arizona

Eyre, Jack Reeves (hydrometeorology) - A satellite view of land-atmosphere-ocean interations in the Amazon Basin

Gupta, Neha (water resources) - Lower Santa Cruz Basin Study: Evaluating future water supply and demand imbalances

Narkhede, Shweta (surface water hydrology) - Examining vertical redistribution of soil moisture due to plant roots using ERT

Panahi, Milad (atmospheric composition) - Investigating in-situ, satellite, and reanalysis for snow accumulation over CONUS

Potteiger, Samuel (hydrometeorology) - Characterizing the relation between snow water equivalent and flow in the Colorado River from 1981-2016

Rupkalvis, Brianna (water resources) - Estimating water budget components at the Sweetwater Wetlands

Strongman, Kevin (mesoscale meteorology) - Comparing different sounding parameters at KTUS to flood reports during the monsoon across Southeast Arizona from 1990-2017

Wang, Yuan-Heng (hydrologic modeling) - Examining parameter identifiability of the WRF-Hydro hydrologic model

Welty, Josh (boundary layer meteorology) - A global view of soil moisture impacts on afternoon rainfall

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