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Support El Día del Agua y La Atmósfera -- Become a Sponsor!

El Día del Agua y La Atmósfera is not just another research symposium!  It's a day when the best and brightest students from the department share their work, excitement, and enthusiasm with you, members of the profession and the wider community.  For some, it's the first opportunity for making a public presentation to peers and members of the public.  For others, it represents the culmination of years of study and research.  For all, it signifies their inclusion in a highly regarded profession.  Your encouragement and your recognition matter.

You can make a difference!  Whether you sponsor an individual student's registration, an activity, or a significant award, your contribution is vital to the continued success of the conference.

To our new sponsors, welcome!  We hope that El Día y La Atmósfera 2019 is the beginning of a long and lasting relationship.  To our legacy sponsors -- sponsors of our major prizes and awards -- you have our most profound gratitude.  We couldn't organize this conference without your continued support!

There are many ways to show your support:

Sponsor an Event - Each event sponsor will receive an acknowledgement with a display sign at the time of their selected event, firm recognition in the program and in the overall sponsor signage.  During poster presentations and various breaks, your power point presentation will be displayed on the overhead projector for all to see.

·         Continental Breakfast

  • Morning Refreshments
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Refreshments
  • After Event Social

Be a Metal Sponsor - You may choose to make a financial contribution at four different levels: 

  • Gold Sponsor - A contribution of $400 or more - Benefits include firm recognition in program, in event sponsor sign, and in event power point.  Two complimentary registrations, two garage parking vouchers and two HAS T-Shirts.
  • Silver Sponsor - A contribution of $300 or more - Benefits include firm recognition in program, event sponsor sign, and event power point.  One complimentary registrations, one garage parking vouchers and one HAS T-Shirt.
  • Bronze Sponsor - A contribution of $200 or more - Benefits include firm recognition in program, event sponsor sign, and event power point.
  • Friends of HAS Sponsor - A contribution of any amount less than $200 (you set your contribution amount) - includes: recognition in the event program and event sponsor sign.

Firm Display Table - For a fee of $100 we will provide you a table for your firm to display your company's information and to advertise, in addition to an adjoining meeting area within the Student Union to meet your future employee.

We have made it easier to become a sponsor.  Go to our Online Sponsorship Registration Form to particiapte and donate by mail or by credit card through the University of Arizona Foundation.

Just a Note:  Dollar amount of tax deductible donations excludes value of t-shirt(s) @ $17 each, and parking permit(s) at $15 each.  For those sponsors who are not able to attend, your donation would only exclude the value of applicable t-shirt(s).

If you need additional information please feel free to contact Erma Santander at ermasan@email.arizona.edu or by phone at 520-621-7120.

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