2019 El Dia Abstracts Poster Presentations

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Student authors presenting posters are listed alphabetically by academic level. See Agenda for times of poster presentation. Co-authors, if any, are included on the individual abstract pages.

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High School Students (By Invitation Only)* top

Minke, Annalisa - Investigating how water vapor emission impacts the temperature of the troposphere

Undergraduate Students top

Begley, Dylan - Developing a rapid method to estimate near-surface hydraulic conductivity

Cadogan, Ammon - Estimating 2017 groudwater withdrawals for agricultural water use in Arizona

Cáñez, Tiffani - Investigation of the extent of fresh and brackish groundwater to inform better management of decreasing groundwater levels in the Willcox Basin, SE Arizona

Clabourne, Breanna - The utility of predictive hydrologic modeling for water resources planning and negotiation

Kunnie, Mandla - Development of a database of Tucson Green Infrastructure sites

Marcelain, Richard - Can the tropical easterly jet be used to predict drought when droughts will occur in the West African Sahel?

Potteiger, Sam - Characterizing the relation between snow water equivalent and flow in the Colorado River from 1981-2016

Strongman, Kevin J. - Comparing different sounding parameters at KTUS to flood reports during the monsoon across Southeast Arizona from 1990-2017

Graduate Students top

Arcelay, Adriana - Investigating impacts of projected climate change on flood risk in urban areas located along river channels

Bunn, Patrick - Assessment of specific climate metrics using dynamically downscaled projections of the Lower Santa Cruz River Basin

Choi, Molan - The remote influence of soil moisture on precipitation in the Salt River Basin during the North American Monsoon

Daranond, Kwankwai - Groundwater basin boundary identification in a confined aquifer using hydraulic tomography method.

Dell'Oro, Ambria P. - Extent of salt dissolution and brine flushing to the Dolores River in the Paradox Valley, Colorado

Emler, Lori C. - Hydrochemical evolution of nitrogen species in semi-arid urban catchments

Gupta, Neha - Runoff increases due to urbanization in a semi-arid city

Kim, Jihyun - Evolution of paleofluids and hydrochemical processes in the Paradox Basin

Marza, Mohammad - Evaluating strontium isotopes as a tracer of fluids in subsurface reservoirs and possible brine contamination in shallow aquifers related to oil/gas production

Noyes, Chandler E. - Geochemical and isotopic assessment of regional groundwater flow and aquifer connectivity in the Lisbon Valley, Utah

Panahi, Milad - Investigating in-situ, satellite, and reanalysis for snow accumulation over CONUS

Pereira, Karl A. - Constructed recharge monitoring evaluation: Santa Cruz River, Cortaro Road to Avra Valley Road

Rapp, Garrett - Assessment of sensitivity of mountain-block hydrology to heterogeneous soil depth and recharge

Reeves-Eyre, Jack - A satellite view of land-atmosphere-ocean interactions in the Amazon Basin

Rupkalvis, Brianna - Applying thermal infrared imaging to calculate spatial and temporal evaporation rates at the Landscape Evolution Observatory

Sánchez, R. Andrés - Impact of wildfire on solute fluxes in forested catchments, Jemez River Basin, New Mexico, USA

Schrag-Toso, Sean - A citizen science approach to monitoring water resources in a vulnerable aquifer

Wang, Yuan-Heng - Implementing the wet-bulb temperature snowfall parameterization in Noah-MP land surface model over CONUS

Zamora-Reyes, Diana - Enhanced hydroclimatic variability over California post-1950s: A synthesis of observed and reconstructed trends


*High school students not in competition for university awards and prizes

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