2019 El Dia Abstracts Oral Presentations

Student authors making oral presentations are listed alphabetically. See Agenda for order of presentation. Presentations are 15 minutes in duration. Co-authors, if any, are listed on individual abstract pages.

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Arévalo, Jorge - Snowpack treatment in the CPC Leaky Bucket Model

Chang, Li-Ling - Dry getting drier over land: The perspective provided by GRACE

Chen, Sidian - Pore-scale modeling of two-phase flow and multicomponent transport with phase change behaviors in nanoporous media

Clutter, Melissa - Robust design of field measurements for evapotranspiration barriers using universal multiple linear regression

Javadian, Mostafa - Comparison of METRIC algorithm with WaPOR product for ET: A case study of the Urmia Lake basin

Lahmers, Timothy - Effects of horizontal redistribution of surface fluxes for a coupled atmospheric and hydrological model

Meira, Antônio - Geophysical imaging of water ages within an experimental hillslope

Powell, Madelyn - Synoptic analysis of the epic rainstorm in Kauai on 14-16 April 2018

Sousa, Jeremy - Assessing Time Step Sensitivity in the Department of Energy’s Climate Model E3SM

Stolar, Rebecca - Populus fremonttii tree ring analysis and semi-arid river water source variability over time, San Pedro River, Arizona

Swartz, Samantha - Infiltration rates of green infrastructure curb-cut basins: Finding a balance between functionality and aesthetics

White, Alissa - Water routing through the critical zone: A hydrometric, hydrochemical, and isotopic investigation in northern NM

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