2018 El Dia Abstracts for Poster Presentations

Undergraduate Students    |    Graduate Students

Student authors presenting posters are listed alphabetically by academic level. Co-authors, if any, are included on the individual abstract pages.

Undergraduate Students  top

Minke, Amanda - Using Fresh Water Algae to Remove Lead from Water

Swartz, Samantha - Evaluating Rainwater-Harvesting Basin Curb-Cuts: How Volunteer Maintenance Impacts Infiltration Rates

Graduate Students  top

Arevalo, Jorge - Sensitivity Analysis on the Hybrid 3D Hillslope Hydrological Model

Atwood, Joel - Using Neutrons as a Rain Gauge: New Method for Hectare-Scale Average Rainfall Estimation

Briseno, Angel - The Effect of Initial Irrigation Conditions on Heap Leaching Efficiency

Daus, Andrew - Helping A Town with Culvert Design and Small-Scale Flooding Issues Over a Roadway Critical to Emergency Services

Dell'Oro, Ambria - Extent of Salt Dissolution and Brine Flushing to the Dolores River in the Paradox Valley, Colorado

Gray, Erin - Using Water Isotopes and Solute Chemistry to Investigate the Hydrology of Surface Water in the Cienega Creek Watershed

Gupta, Neha - Comparison of Runoff Data to Assess Impact of Stormwater Green Infrastructure

Kim, Jihyun - Modern Fluid Indicators of Sources and Migration of Paleofluids in the Colorado Plateau

Klakovich, Jeffrey - Towards Understanding Hydrologically-Significant Geologic Connectivity

Liu, Tao - Paleoflood Hydrology on the Lower Green River, Upper Colorado River, Utah

Matos, Katarena - Investigation of Hydrological Response of Three Identical Artificial Hillslopes at the Landscape Evolution Observatory

McHardy, Theodore - Comparison of Daytime Low-Level Cloud Properties Derived from GOES and Surface Instruments at ARM SGP

Noyes, Chandler - Utilization of Environmental Isotopes, Water Geochemistry, and Hydrogeologic Properties to Assess the Interconnectedness of Shallow Aquifers at a Copper Mining Site

Risanto, Christoforus - Improving Monsoon Precipitation Forecast in Northwestern Mexico and Southwestern US: A Project of Consortium Arizona-Mexico Arid Environment 2017

Stolar, Rebecca - Populus fremontii Tree-Ring Analysis and Semi-Arid River Water Source Variability Over Time, San Pedro River, Arizona

Vera, Mauricio - What Defines the Effective Hydraulic Conductivity of a Heterogeneous Medium?

Weber, Nicole - Natural Tracer Study to Constrain Transit Times and Flowpaths of Groundwater from Davidson Canyon to Lower Cienega Creek

Welty, Joshua - Does Soil Moisture Affect Warm Season Precipitation Over the Southern Great Plains?

Whipple, Thomas - Changing Water Sources in Agriculture: Impacts in the Pinal AMA

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