2017 Roundtable

This year El Día will feature a student roundtable session related to communicating science to the public. The session will be held in the Rincon Room from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. 

There are no concurrent oral or poster sessions scheduled during that time, so all HAS graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to participate.

Please sign up for the session using the Google form:  https://goo.gl/forms/de6Q8nSLrDCoISgc2

This year's roundtable will ask the broader question:

"Do we, as scientists and future practitioners of science, need to do anything differently to communicate our knowledge of climate change to decision makers and the general public?"

Roundtable Format

3:00 pm - Introduce topic and moderators (see sub-questions below)

3:10 pm - Break into small groups. Each member of a group will introduce themselves. Each group will designate a notetaker AND a representative.

3:40 pm - Finalize discussion and draft a CONCISE summary of your group's findings.

3:45 pm - Each group's representative will verbally summarize their group's findings in less than 1 minute. This will be followed by an open discussion among groups.


  1. Should we be moving towards more applied sciences, to better address societal challenges?  Moderators: Christopher Castro and Pieter Hazenberg
  2. Do we need to change the way scientists are educated, e.g. broaden, add more "soft skills" or social science?  Moderators: Jennifer McIntosh and Hoshin Gupta
  3. To what extent do scientists need to be involved in decision making?  Moderators:  Tom Meixner and Ty Ferré
  4. How much responsibility do scientists hold for increasing public understanding of scientific/environmental issues?   Moderators: Martha Whitaker and Brittany Ciancarelli

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