Katherine K. Hirschboeck

Photo Katherine Hirschboeck
Joint Associate Professor

Joint Associate Professor, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences; Associate Professor, Laboratory for Tree-Ring Research (home department); Joint Associate Professor, Climatology, Geography and Development, Arid Lands Resources Studies GIDP, and Global Change GIDP

Expertise  Synoptic dendrochronology; linkage between atmospheric circulation, along with its associated weather and climate mechanisms, and variability in extreme events. Theoretical examination of the patterns that produce extreme flood events in statistical time series, analyses of the synoptic circulation patterns that produce frost rings and drought signals in tree-ring records, stakeholder-driven research on synchronous high and low extreme streamflow episodes detected from tree-ring reconstructions.

Education  PHD geosciences 1985, The University of Arizona

Office  Bannister Building, Room 319

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