Innovative Spaces for Learning and Engagement Project

Crowdfunding Has Begun!  Here's the Current Status of Our $100,000 Goal

  • As of 7/23/2019, we have raised $71,050!
    • As of 7/21/2019, we raised $69,950
    • As of 7/18/2019, we raised $69,600
    • As of 7/15/2019, we raised $64,325
    • As of 7/10/2019, we raised $60,900
    • As of 7/9/2019, we raised $59,900
  • Help us reach our goal! Make your tax deductible contribution through the secure Harshbarger 110 Renovation Crowdfunding page!
  • Remember--no gift is too small! With a dollar-for-dollar match from the department, your gift will have double the impact!
  • Watch the Harshbarger Renovation video featuring Martha Whitaker, HAS Alumna and Associate Professor of Practice, with videography by Brittany Ciancarelli, HAS Alumna and Program Manager, BAS Online Education

What Are Collaborative Learning Spaces (CLSs)?

Why We Need CLSs

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