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Help us create the 50+ Year eScrapbook! Submit a photo, story, or testimonial; reminisce, say hi, or just say thanks...we're collecting everything! Send all information and materials directly to the department at tht@email.arizona.edu. Some ideas to get you started:

  • Bios--Send us a short "what I'm up to" biosketch; we won't publish contact info unless you want us to
  • Photos--Sort through your old photos and send us one or several (include a caption or description); old/new, then/now sets would be great
  • Stories--Write an anecdote about a class, event, field camp experience, celebration, instructor, advisor, classmate, or friend--just about anything
  • Firsts--You or your group (e.g. advisor group, class, or cohort) were the First to .... (fill us in)
  • Thanks & Testimonials--Your thank-you to an advisor or someone who helped you along the way or made a difference in your life
  • Bulletin Boards--Use the Boards to greet your friends and colleagues, especially if you cannot attend
  • Reconnect--Drop us a note and let us know how your life evolved after you left campus, even if you changed professions!
  • And, finally, let us know just how big your (calculator, bookshelf, computer, textbook bill) truly was!

Local meet-ups for the reunion, business networking, and just plain fun are happening in a city or region near you. Please contact the individual in your area to learn more. If you'd like to organize a meet up in your area, contact Tom Meixner at tmeixner@email.arizona.edu or 520-626-1532.