HASSA: Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences Student Association

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Your HASSA Officers and Student Representatives for AY2018-2019

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HASSA Executive Board 2018-2019

Neha Gupta, President
Chandler Noyes, Vice President
Ted McHardy
Karl Pereira, Social Chair
Brianna Rupkalvis
Charlie Devine
Adriana Arcelay
Rebecca Stolar
Patrick Bunn
Tiffani Canez, Undergraduate Representative
Sheila Solis-Arroyo, Undergraduate Representative
Thomas Meixner, Faculty Advisor
Contact us at: UAHASSA@gmail.com

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History of Student Association Officers

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Fall 2018 Calendar     |     HASSA Membership Info

What is HASSA?                            

The Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences Student Association (HASSA) is the primary student-run organization of the Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences Department. HASSA strives to bring together students, faculty, and working professionals.  By planning and promoting events, we work to encourage the professional and social development of students within the department and prepare students for succeessful careers in the fields related to hydrology and atmospheric sciences. Student officers serve for one to two years, and new officers are elected annually during the spring semester for the following academic year.  To maintain stability and knowledge within the group, the association includes a mixture of new officers and those with some experience. Refer to the History of Student Association Officers for past office holders.

Contact current officers at:  uahassa@gmail.comFollow HASSA on Facebook and Join our HASSA FB Group!  Go to HASSA Calendar for planned events.

Breakfast Club & Lunch Club

The HASSA Breakfast and Lunch Clubs (depending on everyone's schedules) meets every 3-4 weeks for breakfast (usually 8 or 9 am) or lunch (usually 12 or 1 pm) at a location near campus.  Locations vary!  (It's pay your own way--we don't have subsidies for this activity.) Everyone--students, faculty, staff, campus colleagues--is invited and no RSVP is ever required. Just show up! If you need transportation, we've got you covered. Contact us at: uahassa@gmail.com.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour (usually on a Friday) is an informal gathering organized by HASSA to encourage students and faculty to socialize in a more relaxed setting. On occasion, we meet up with other departments or colleges for joint socializing. These events are held monthly--or more frequently, if necessary--throughout the semester. Typically, we meet at one of the local restaurants or pubs along University Boulevard near campus or take the streetcar downtown. It's best to check with us for the latest info. Happy Hour events are a great time to network with other students, faculty, and, during sponsored events, professionals working in the fields related to hydrology and atmospheric sciences. As an added bonus, when funding allows, HASSA will pick up the tab for the first round--but you have to come early!

Weekly Seminars

On Thursdays throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, the student association hosts the refreshment table and the meet-the-speaker time for the weekly seminar.  Invited speakers range from professionals in industry and government agencies and faculty members from the UA and other universities to our very own students, typically undergraduate Honors Senior Capstone presenters or graduate students defending their thesis or dissertation research. Typically, refreshments are served at 3:45 pm and the talk begins at 4 pm (check the Seminars page to be sure).

Social Events

To make sure that we and our fellow students take a break from studying now and then, HASSA plans social events throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Some of the activitives this year will include picnics with softball or kickball, hiking, and laser tag. Because faculty members are invited to most events, this also helps foster relationships between students and faculty outside the classroom. Check the HASSA Facebook page, join the HASSA Facebook Group, or contact us by email (uahassa@gmail.com) for details.

El Día del Agua y la Atmósfera Student Research Symposium

HASSA works with the department to organize the annual student research symposium, El Día del Agua y la Atmósfera.  The day showcases our graduate and undergraduate student research efforts with oral and poster presentations and round table discussions.


HASSA does fundraising through the sale of specially designed t-shirts, polo shirts, water bottles, coffee mugs, and pub glasses.  During the Fall semester, HASSA puts out a call for new t-shirt and/or polo shirt designs; however, you can purchase items any time of the year at the HASSA Store on Zazzle.com.  If you have any questions about products currently available for purchase, please contact us at: uahassa@gmail.com.

Student Advocacy: A Voice in the Department

HASSA representatives attend departmental meetings with faculty and are able to voice student concerns to the department administration. By bridging the gap between students and staff, HASSA helps to ensure that the student experience is the best that it can be. If you have any comments or suggestions that you think we should hear about, contact us at:  uahassa@gmail.com.


HASSA organizes philanthropy events each semester that are open to all students who wish to give back to their community. Some events planned for this year include Carry5, Tucson Festival of Books Science City, Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SARSEF), Engineers Without Borders, and Water for People.

Prospective Students

HASSA welcomes any questions that prospectives students may have about the Universtiy of Arizona and the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences. We can share insights about the classes, faculty, and the campus environment. If you plan to visit campus, please email us at: uahassa@gmail.com. We are available to show you around campus while you are meeting potential faculty advisors. One of the best times to visit campus is during the spring for El Día del Agua y la Atmósfera when you can get a comprehensive look at some of the research projects we are working on.

Aqua Awards (Aqua Man, Aqua Woman)

HASSA sponsors the student-selected Aqua Awards every Spring semester which honor the most outstanding faculty instructors in Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences. HASSA announces the competition to all eligible students in early spring (about February) and is responsible for collecting all electronic ballots and determining the winners. The Aqua Person Awards (Aqua Man and/or Aqua Woman) are presented to the winning faculty members during the closing ceremony at El Día del Agua y la Atmósfera.

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