Form: Exception Time Reporters

Salaried employees, also known as exempt* employees, are Exception Time Reporters. Employees in this category only submit a record of hours in a Timesheet when they report time off work, e.g. vacation hours, sick hours, jury duty.

Examples of employees in this category include:

  • Most Classified Staff members
  • Some Post-Doctoral Appointees or Post-Doctoral Fellows
  • During the Academic Year (fall and spring semesters) -- Some Appointed Personnel staff members
  • During the Academic Year (fall and spring semesters) -- Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty members
  • During the Academic Year (fall and spring semesters) -- all Graduate Assistants-Associates in Research, Teaching, or Unspecified (graduate RAs, TAs)

If you do not know if you are included in this category, contact your local business manager, Tomas Alvarez ( and 520-626-3241) or Sandy Holford ( or 520-621-6834).

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for completing your Timesheet according to the instructions below.

Staff and time permitting, you may receive a complimentary email reminder to complete your Timesheet if you have taken time off during the two-week reporting period, although this cannot be guaranteed.

If necessary, mark your calendar or set a reminder for yourself, so you do not miss the deadline.

If you are an Exception Time Reporter, you should:

  • Logon to the UAccess Employee system and use only to report time taken off, e.g. vacation hours, sick hours, jury duty
  • UAccess Employee logon at:
  • Report any hours taken off by 12:00 noon on Wednesday of the NON-PAYROLL (NON-PAYDAY) WEEK
  • The reporting deadline is required because your Supervisor must approve the hours you have reported

*Salaried employees are not eligible to earn overtime (exempt status). They automatically receive a biweekly paycheck based on their FTE percentage hire, e.g. 1.0 FTE = full-time employee, 0.50 FTE = half-time employee.