Hurricane Season 2017: It Isn't Over Yet

Photo Thomas Galarneau and Xubin Zeng
Tuesday, September 12, 2017

HAS Professors Thomas Galarneau and Xubin Zeng share their thoughts on the 2017 Hurricane season in a UA article, Two Things to Know About the Hurricane Season of 2017. Galarneau and Zeng look at hurricanes from two different perspectives: Galarneau studies the short, one-to-two-week windows of activity, and Zeng takes a long-term approach to research and forecasting. This year's season will run through November and could include even more destructive storms.

In a nutshell:  1) This year's activity is high--but not unusual and 2) Hurricane activity in the Atlantic basin is following an alphabetical trend.  Read more about their findings and forecasts at the original article by Stacy Pigott published by UA